Transgender Teen Repeatedly Attacked in Broward Middle School

Florida transgender teen repeatedly attacked in Broward middle school.

Fox 10 reports  

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – An LGBTQ teenager who made national headlines after being attacked at a South Florida middle school has been assaulted again.
Chad Sanford received a lot of love and support last year after the story went viral.
The 14-year-old has now been attacked again and it was vicious.
The video might be difficult for some to watch.
Chad received an invite to hang out with a group of young people thought to be friends.
“They came behind me and jumped me,” said Chad, who added that the assailants said, “Don’t come around me with that gay (expletive).”
It was just over a year ago when Chad was beaten and body slammed as classmates yelled homophobic slurs.