Shooter Receives to Two Life Sentences for Murder of Ahmaud Aburey

Gregory and Travis McMichael and their neighbor neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan Jr. have been sentenced for the murder of Ahmaud Arburey.

CNN reports
Gregory and Travis McMichael, the White father and son convicted in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, were sentenced Monday to life in prison after their federal convictions this year on interference with rights -- a hate crime -- along with attempted kidnapping and weapon use charges.
Their neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan Jr., the third man involved in Arbery's killing, was sentenced by US District Court Judge Lisa Godbey Wood to 35 years, which will be served at the same time as his state sentence.
All three men already are serving life sentences for their convictions in state court on a series of charges related to the killing of the 25-year-old Black man, including felony murder.
"My son was shot not one time, not two times, but three times," Arbery's mother Wanda Cooper-Jones said before Travis McMichael's sentence was handed down. She and other members of Arbery's family asked the judge to give Travis McMichael the maximum possible sentence under federal guidelines.
Travis McMichael, his father and Bryan were found guilty of the federal charges in February, with the jury accepting prosecutors' argument the defendants acted out of racial animus toward Arbery. Travis McMichael, who fatally shot Arbery, was also found guilty of using and carrying a Remington shotgun while his father, Gregory McMichael was found guilty of using and carrying a .357 Magnum revolver.  
Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael were also sentenced Monday to 20 years on the attempted kidnapping charges, to be served concurrently with their state sentences, Godbey ruled Monday.
Travis McMichael also received an additional 10 years for the weapons charge to be served consecutively, while Gregory McMichael received an additional seven years on the weapons charge, which will also be served consecutively. The judge ruled both McMichaels did not have the funds to pay a fine.