Father of Cheerleader Attacked by Trans Teammate Speaks Out

The father of a Texas teen attacked by trans cheerleader defends his daughter from backlash.

The Daily Mail reports
The father of a Texas teenage cheerleader allegedly attacked by a transgender teammate claims the video of the confrontation posted to social media cuts out the attack on his daughter and was edited to fit the attacker's 'narrative.'
'Can we get the full video not the edited version that fit your narrative!' Mike Jones wrote in a July 26 heated Facebook post. 'As we wait for these investigations to get over, I just wonder when this person will own up to their actions! And stop trying to ruin our lives!'
Averie Chanel Medlock, 25, posted a four-minute video on Facebook after she was kicked off the Ranger College cheerleading camp for allegedly choking out a 17-year-old teammate, only identified by her first name, Karleigh, who she says made transphobic remarks towards her.
The video shows Medlock and her posse hastily confronting a group of girls hiding behind a closed door for the duration of the recording. Jones claims this is only a peak of what really happened.
'After the title IX investigation, I'm sure all the other videos will be released, which will also show that you posted in edited version to show your narrative,' Jones wrote on Facebook.