Donald Trump's Truth Social Owes $1 million in Hosting Fees

Former President Donald Trump's social media network, 'Truth' social is bleeding red ink...

Yahoo News reports
Truth Social, former U.S. President Donald Trump’s alternative social media platform, is showing signs of financial weakness, with sources alleging that it hasn’t paid major bills since its launch earlier this year.
Truth Social owes approximately $1.6 million to technology company RightForge, Fox Business first reported last week. The company, billed as a right-wing internet hosting service “without the Big Tech censorship,” provides Truth Social’s internal infrastructure.
While the company has not made a public statement on the status of its payments, its top executive has continued to affirm his support of the former president.
“RightForge believes in the mission of President Trump’s free speech platform and wish[es] to continue supporting the president in his media endeavors,” CEO Martin Avila said in a statement to the news outlet.
Truth Social and RightForge did not respond to requests for comment.