Lindsey Graham Vows to Fight Fulton County Subpoena

This week Donald Trump's personal lawyer during the 2020 presidential election, Rudy Giuliani, and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham were subpoenaed to testify in front of a Special Grand Jury investigation election fraud in Georgia. 

For some reason Senator Graham does NOT want to testify...

NPR reports
Graham attorneys Bart Daniel and Matt Austin said in a statement Wednesday that the Republican senator "plans to go to court, challenge the subpoena, and expects to prevail," and they slammed the probe as politically motivated.
"This is all politics. Fulton County is engaged in a fishing expedition and working in concert with the January 6 Committee in Washington," they wrote, adding that, "As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Graham was well within his rights to discuss with state officials the processes and procedures around administering elections."
"Should it stand, the subpoena issued today would erode the constitutional balance of power and the ability of a Member of Congress to do their job," they went on. They also said they had been informed by Fulton County investigators that Graham "is neither a subject nor target of the investigation."