Melania Trump Investigated for Fake Charity Scam

Former First Lady Melania Trump is being investigated for skirting charity laws in Florida after selling tickets to a meet and greet to benefit a charity that does NOT appear to exist...

  Political Flare reports
It appears that Melania Trump is selling tickets to a “Tea” and some proceeds are going to a charity that doesn’t seem to exist:
“Mrs. Trump is now selling tickets to the April ‘high tea,’ with organizers saying that some of the profits will benefit an initiative of her ‘Be Best’ endeavor called ‘Fostering the Future,’ meant to provide computer-science scholarships to young people who have been in foster care.”
Except “Fostering the Future” doesn’t seem to exist:
“Florida requires any organization that raises charitable contributions in the state to register. No charity with the name ‘Fostering the Future’ or ‘Be Best’ is registered in Florida.”