Trump Says His Administration Nearly Fell to a Coup

In a recent interview former President Donald Trump, who himself is accused of trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election, claims the Russia investigation was part of a failed coup to oust his administration...

 Political Flare reports,
...during an interview on Newsmax with host Rob Schmitt. He told Schmitt, “Don’t forget, the first day we came in we were hit by the phony Russia, Russia, Russia deal and we had to fight that, so we were fighting that and doing more than any president just about has done for our country, we rebuilt the economy, we rebuilt the military, we opened Space Force, we had low interest rates.”
He went on to say, “But at the same time we were fighting the radical left on the impeachment hoaxes, which was over a perfect phone call to Russia?”
“We were fighting these people, we had no choice otherwise we would not have been there, they would have gotten us out. They were staging a coup, they were trying to get us out of office.”