Donald Trump Demands Election Do Over

Donald Trump demands Arizona legislators declare him the winner of the 2020 presidential election despite a Republican lead forensic audit that showed Joe Biden won the state...

After the Cyber Ninja audit of Maricopa County came back with nearly identical results as the November election, Donald Trump turned his sites to Pima County and is still insisting he won. 
"A new analysis of mail-in ballots in Pima County, Arizona means the election was Rigged and Stolen from the Republican Party in 2020, and in particular, its Presidential Candidate. This analysis, derived from publicly available election data, shows staggering anomalies and fictitious votes in Pima County's mail-in returns, making it clear they stuffed the ballot box (in some precincts with more ballots that were ever sent!). 
The Department of Justice has has this information since the November 2020 Election, and has done nothing about it. The Pima County GOP should start a canvass of Republican voters, in order to identity and remove the obvious fictitious voters from the system. Either a new Election should immediately take place or the past Election should be decertified and the Republican candidate declared the winner. "